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Welcome To Our Site!

Hi! We're John & Laurel Rodgers and our main love in life is travel.  Whether it be to China to walk on the Great Wall or to a State or National Park here at home -- it makes us happy.  All we need is a new place to go and we are in heaven.

 We really began travel in 2014 when we began a 6-year '3Xs-Around-The-World' trip. It was the dreaded Pandemic that forced us home. We have learned from our world travel to be extremely adaptable. Now that we are back in the U.S., and we still desire a life of full-time travel, we have become boondocking enthusiasts.  

We also love photography and videography. It only makes sense that now we concentrate on boondocking with cameras and drones. Hence our blog name: 'DroneDockers'.

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