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3 Best Red Rock Canyon Video Short Night Spots

Red Rock Canyon Video Short Night Spots

Shooting Red Rock Canyon Video Short Night Spots clips  is a perfect add on to a Las Vegas trip. Located only miles from Las Vegas, yet set among dark mountains and starry skies, Red Rock Canyon is an excellent place to view the night sky and related astronomical objects.

The darkest spots in the Conservation Area are along State Route (SR) 160, also known as Blue Diamond Road, south of the Visitor Center & the Scenic Drive. Cottonwood Valley and Late Night trailheads, located on SR 160 a few miles west of the SR 159 & SR 160 intersection, are in dark, flat, expansive areas of Red Rock Canyon, and thus provide wide open views of the night sky. Before heading out, be sure to consult a sky chart or your favorite website to determine what stars and planets are visible. Drive slowly as SR 160 is currently under construction, plus there is occasional wildlife crossing.

The First Creek and Oak Creek trailhead areas off of SR 159 are excellent spots as well for shooting Red Rock Canyon Video Short Night clips. Spots. Additionally, there are spots near SR 159 and the Moenkopi Road near the Red Rock Campground that are available for stargazing.

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3 Best Red Rock Canyon Video Short Night Spots Short

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