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5 Great Tips to Nevada Gold Mine and Ghost Towns

If you love to discover things, then the Techatticup Gold Mine In Nevada with its ghost town will be the perfect place for you.

This ghost town is everything an adventure enthusiast dreams of. Also referred to as Nelson ghost town, the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada is located deep in the Nevada deserts, and it is by far one of the most visited ghost towns near Las Vegas.

Techatticup is a name that was derived from two Paiute words meaning Hungry and Bread. This name came up as a result of several Paiutes in the area were reported to have frequented the mining camps begging for food.

This historical ghost town is located approximately 45 minutes away from the city of Las Vegas, and it is easily accessible from the city. This ghost town attracts plenty of filmmakers and photographers since its features look like those of the Wild West. By visiting the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada, you will be able to learn the history of the United States and appreciate where the country came from long long ago.

In this article, we shall be taking you through some of the things you can learn about this historical place before your trip to the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada and Gold mine.

History Of The Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada

Nevada is well-known for having a rich mining history, and the state is peppered with abandoned gold and silver mines. However, the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada is different. Despite the fact that there are numerous unnamed ghost towns throughout the United States, the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada is by far the oldest and the most famous gold mine in Southern Nevada.

This area, which surrounds Nelson and the Eldorado Canyon, was first home to ancient Puebloan Indians and then the Paiutes as well as the Mojave tribes. These tribes used to live peacefully among themselves for hundreds of years until 1775 when the Spanish discovered gold in this particular area.

Spaniards who were in the constant quest for gold found a small settlement at the Colorado River and decided to name it Eldorado. However, the early Spaniards ended up missing the rich gold vein that was just beneath the canyon’s flanks and found silver instead. They soon came to find out the silver wasn’t in high enough quantities to justify their mining operation, and then they decided to move on.

In the early 1850s, a different breed of prospectors started sluicing the various steam that was feeding into the Colorado River. After some years, the prospectors were able to discover gold and kept it a relative secret because of how remote the area was. However, this changed in 1858 when the first steamboats started making their way up to the Colorado River from Yuma in Arizona.

It was not long before word started spreading, and miners began flooding the area. As the news went out, new miners made the trip to the mines. Techatticup, along with Queen City mines, was then discovered in 1861.

In an area that was dotted with numerous mines, Techatticup would end up becoming one of the richest in pre-Nevada. As time progressed, other minerals such as copper and lead were also discovered in Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada mining area.

The area was located in the middle of nowhere, and it was cut off by miles of challenging desert terrains that often experienced violent conflicts. These wore most often spurred by rights disputes and ownership. In the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada, lawlessness was a normal thing as the area attracted fortune-seekers from across the continent, men were from the American civil war and were looking for a fresh start.

Techatticup was eventually abandoned when a flash flood hit the area, and torrents of gushing water got rid of the precious minerals that were responsible for attracting so many people. What you will see today when you visit Techatticup are remnants of the town and mine that were seated above the flood channel.

Techatticup remained functional until the mid-1940s, and it is said to have yield millions of dollars from the precious metals during its productive times. After ten years, the Davis Dam was completed hence rising water levels creating Lake Mojave subsequently; this resulted in some subsequent change in the area and the closure of the mine.

Nowadays, Techatticup Mine remains to be a ghost town and an open-air museum as well as a roadside attraction. You can take a step back in history by planning a trip to Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada.

What To Expect When Visiting Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine

When exploring the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada it is like exploring a parcel of the Wild West. This is without the spectacles of the noontime gunfights along with bordello fashion and nightlife. This area is ideal for photographers, desert explorers, curious visitors, and adventurers. While in Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada, you can wander the seasoned buildings of some of the private property along with some underground mine tours.

Located in the Eldorado Canyon, the town is in a corridor adjoining the Colorado River, which was once famous for being rich in gold. The town is surrounded by charming rusted vehicles along with perfectly silvered timber from the Techatticup mine. It is relatively difficult to tell that this area had an unruly history of civil war deserters, body mining feuds, claim jumpers, renegade Indians as well as Prohibition-era bootleggers. The people are friendly and eager to tell you their version of the many tales of the mining town.

For photographers, the subjects are everywhere, from model A’s and T’s to the yucca cactus and of course the grizzled citizens. You will need to pay for the photoshoot but for $1 it has to be one of the cheapest deals in Nevada.

5 Hot Tips for Nevadas Best Ghost Town & Gold Mine Truck

Getting to the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine From Las Vegas

There is no doubt that Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada is the best ghost town to visit near Las Vegas. Furthermore, the area is relatively easy to access; unlike some of the biggest national parks in the state, you will not have lots of driving time.

The whole trip will only take you approximately 3 to 4 hours; this gives you enough time to do other activities in Las Vegas. The Nelson ghost town is located about 45 minutes away from the Las Vegas Strip on the road to Searchlight and Laughlin. Visiting Searchlight should be on your agenda since you are on a few minutes up the road on Hwy 95.

From Las Vegas, you will take Beltway 215 east towards Boulder City and then merge on to I-11. You will then take an exit at the U.S-95 and then drive past the dry lake bed that is on the right side. After a short while, you will come across Hwy 163 for Nelson on the left side.

Take that particular exit and then drive straight for about 15 minutes before getting to the town of Nelson. You should then keep left at the fork, and within no time, you will be at Nelson ghost town.

Since the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada is located in the middle of nowhere, there is no public transportation for touring this particular area. As a result, you can always rent a car in Las Vegas in order for you to access that area. If you plan to visit Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada during the high season, which is often from May through to the end of September, you should consider renting a car in advance.

We visited in November when the temperatures were in the 60’s but if you go during hot weather as always take plenty of water and stay hydrated.

The Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. When visiting the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada, you should consider bringing a few snacks and drinks since there are no stores or restaurants nearby.

Despite the fact that this historical ghost town has been commercialized, it remains quite an experience. When you are done touring this ghost town, you can always go east towards Nelson’s Landing, located at the end of Eldorado Canyon.

Regrettably, Nelson’s Landing was destroyed in the 1974 flash flood. However, you will still be able to enjoy the scenic views from this incredible spot. Furthermore, from this scenic spot, you either go towards the Old Nelson’s Landing Road to Colorado River or go to the Nelson’s Landing Cliff Jumping area; here, you will be able to enjoy the incredible view of the water.

7 Boondocking Locations Near the Ghost Town

Boondocking Site 1

Knob Hill – Nelson, Nevada

GPS: 35° 39’44.20”N, 114°53’10.06”W

Free Dispersed camping in the Bureau of Land Management N/A District. Reservations are not accepted at this campsite.

Stayed at a junction pullout about 1.7 miles before GPS location. In a 2 wheel drive van it got a little sketchy in some of the corners where it’s sandy. If you have good clearance and smart driving you can make it on most of the roads out here but be careful.

No cover but nice temperatures in the winter and plenty of roads/trails to explore.

Boondocking Site 2

Desert National Wildlife Refuge – Las Vegas

GPS: 36.4396, -115.3576

Located off US-95 North of Las Vegas, the Desert NWR was established in 1936 to provide habitat and protection for desert bighorn sheep. They have a top notch visitor’s center where a ranger was happy to explain the lay of the land and show us potential boondocking sites on a topographical map.

The Desert NWR covers 1.6 million acres and is the largest wildlife refuge outside of Alaska. We scouted out locations within a 2 mile radius of the visitor center due to the rough off-road conditions.
The available spaces we found along Alamo Road seemed too small for our Fifth Wheel although this van fit nicely.

Boondocking Site 3

Eldorado Wilderness Area BLM – Las Vegas

GPS: 38.7949° N, 120.3055° W

Campground Details and Amenities: free, All Year, All Ages, Tents, 3305 ft elev, dispersed, hike-in sites (C)

The Eldorado Wilderness is a rugged maze of peaks and side canyons. The Eldorado Range is
volcanic rock with basalt flows on a base of metamorphic rock. A bajada, or wide, gentle slope,
extends northwest of the mountains. This forms a stark and colorful landscape bridging the
expanse between U.S. Highway 95 and the Colorado River 40 miles south of Las Vegas.
Creosote bush, scrub oak, clump grass, and various cacti cover the intense terrain. This creates
a natural habitat for bighorn sheep in the higher elevations. Despite a long history of tribal
habitation, abandoned mine sites are the only evidence of human activity in the region. Aside
from the Colorado River, water is scarce, and summer temperatures can reach 120 degrees

Campground Details and Amenities: free, All Year, All Ages, Tents, 4175 ft. elev., dispersed (C)

Boondocking Site 4

Railroad Pass Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

GPS: 35.97252, -114.91269

Private – Casino (Unofficial) – The road in is Paved. Rail Road Pass Casino is open year round. There are 30 or more campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is unlimited. You may stay 2 nights at Rail Road Pass Casino.

Boondocking Site 5

6 Mile Cove – Searchlight, Nevada

GPS: 35.45249, -114.680208

Public – National Park Service – (702) 293-8990 The road in is Dirt and 6 miles from a paved road. There are 30 or more campsites at this location and the maximum RV length is unlimited.

Free overnight RV parking in this casino parking lot. No tents! Laundromat and Redbox nearby.

Boondocking Site 6

Boxcar Cove – Lake Mead NRA – Las Vegas, Nevada

GPS: 36.11977, -114.784

Boxcar Cove – Lake Mead NRA is open Year Round. You may stay 15 days at Boxcar Cove – Lake Mead NRA.

Dispersed camping on Lake Mead.
A pass is required to enter the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. A Federal Interagency pass will get you in. Otherwise it is $10 for 7 days and $30 for a yearly pass.

11/2015 – Prices will double in 2016 ie. $20/week
05/2014 – Edited to reflect fee increase was $5/week and $20/year is $10/week and $30/year

Boondocking Site 7

Crawdad Cove – Las Vegas, Nevada

GPS: 36.1281, -114.7968

Dispersed camping at Lake Mead National Park. Permit is $20/week no fee for National Park Pass holders. The camping is a few miles down the road near the waterfront.

Camping is limited to a total of 90 days within any consecutive 12-month period. Unless otherwise specified, camping is limited to 15 days per visit at a specific backcountry area. After 15 days, campers must either move to another backcountry area or developed campground, or leave the park.

The nearest potable water, aluminum recycling, an RV dump station, and dumpsters can be found at Callville Campground. To get there, go east on 167 and then four miles towards the lake. The nearest showers are in Callville Bay and Valley of Fire State Park, about a half hour drive on 167. The entrance fee at Valley of Fire is $10. Self-service laundry facilities are available at Callville Bay

Fuel and general stores are located at each marina and offer the basic needs for camping, groceries and snack foods, fishing gear and tackle, souvenirs and clothing. In addition, maps and park publications are available.


Things To Do At the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine

When visiting the Techatticup gold mine, you will be able to go above and below ground through the mine as well as into the rich history of the town. The area has an average of 95 to 115° Fahrenheit throughout the year except during the winter months. Your tour guide will be able to take you through Techatticup Millsite and the Savage Mine. In addition to that, you will be able to rent a canoe or a two-person kayak and row through the Colorado River in the canyon below.

There are several fun activities you can do while in Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada, including;

Picnic sites

You can pack a picnic and look for a rock or bring a chair and enjoy a spectacular view of the Colorado River. Here you will be able to enjoy what nature has to offers. Furthermore, you can walk down to the river and have some fun activities down there with your friends or family.


The Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine is famous for photoshoots. Furthermore, this area popular for movie backdrops and music videos. This means that you can never go wrong when it comes to photoshoots.

Tour the Gold Mine

You can spend approximately three to four hours exploring the gold mines in this ghost town. Here you will be able to learn more about the town and explore some of the mining areas in person.

Exploring the Town

Since the town is relatively small, you can walk around it pretty much fast. However, there are several little things that you can see that makes the trip unforgettable, and you might even end up spending several hours going from one spot to another spot.

When visiting this ghost town, you will be able to observe small objects that were left behind or even walk through rooms and streets that once full of life. This is an excellent way of experiencing how life was back then. Furthermore, finding a genuine abandoned town isn’t an easy task; buildings that are decent and in non-hazardous condition, along with personal items of inhabitants in the great state, makes visiting Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada a perfect abandoned town to visit.

Visit Hoover Dam

Once you are done with the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada, you can always visit the Hoover Dam. The dam is the second-largest dam in the United States. The dam was built back in 1932, and it was the largest as well as the most powerful dam in the world until 1940.

This dam construction was so large that it spawned a city called Boulder City, which was the largest city in Nevada at that time. Here, you will have the chance to walk on the second tallest bridge in the United States as you step right over the border of Arizona and Nevada. Since this area is ideal for a photoshoot, you should ensure you bring fully charged photo devices. The location is known for its picturesque views of the Hoover Dam along with other scenic views.

Final Thoughts

The Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada is truly a unique adventurous place that will live in your memories forever. While in this abandoned town, ensure that you explore the goldmine, hoover dam, the ghost town, and enjoy a sunset at the river with your friends and families.

You will get to experience Techatticup mine, which is the oldest and the richest mine in Nevada. Here you will be able to see remains of old-world tools along with other vital artifacts. The mine and ghost town is an unforgettable place, and it was used in two motion pictures with several movie props left behind, including a crashed airplane.

If the lawless ghost town rich with gold mines and incredible Hoover Dam view isn’t enough for you, you can always decide to visit the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the Valley of Fire, where you will be able to enjoy a spectacular and dramatic rock formation in the west coast. The area features 197 thousand acres of natural beauty along with some incredible views that are available for you to experience. You will find another detailed article about Red Rock and the Valley of Fire on our website.

As an adventurer, visiting Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada should be at the top of your bucket list for the Vegas area. You will never regret visiting this historic ghost town. As we conclude, we hope that you have found this article beneficial. Feel free to contact us with questions as you plan your visit to the Techatticup Ghost Town and Gold Mine In Nevada.

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